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Toward climate-resilient development in Nigeria (Английский)

This book analyzes the risks to Nigeria's development prospects that climate change poses to agriculture, livestock, and water management. These sectors were chosen because they are central to achieving the growth, livelihood, and environmental objectives of Vision 20: 2020; and because they are already vulnerable to current climate variability. ... Подробнее +

Публикации 78262 JUN 03, 2013

Cervigni, Raffaello; Valentini, Riccardo; Santini, Monia

Low-carbon development : opportunities for Nigeria (Английский)

The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) has formulated an ambitious strategy, known as Vision 20: 2020, which aims to make Nigeria the world’s 20th largest economy by 2020. ... Подробнее +

Публикации 78222 MAY 29, 2013

Cervigni,Raffaello; Rogers,John Allen

Assessing low-carbon development in Nigeria : an analysis of four sectors (Английский)

The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) and the World Bank have agreed to carry out a Climate Change Assessment (CCA) within the framework of the Bank's Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for Nigeria (2010-13). ... Подробнее +

Публикации 78281 JAN 01, 2013

Cervigni, Raffaello [editor]; Rogers, John Allen [editor]; Dvorak, Irina [editor]; Kaenzig, Robin