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China - Huai River Basin Flood Management and Drainage Improvement Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 5) : Environmental assessment - maps (Английский)

The Huai River Basin Flood Management and Drainage Improvement Project will aim to increase agricultural productivity and farmers' incomes by better protecting against floods, the properties and lives of many people living in predominantly rural areas of the Huai River Basin of China. Some of the environmental issues associated with this project are important environmental problems such as land resource, resettlement, solid waste, soil erosion, hydrological regime, surface water environment, natural habitat, and aquatic ecology. There are also more general environmental problems such as public health, ambient air, acoustic environment, ground water, terrestrial ecology, invasion of alien species, pest and disease control, and cultural relics. Mitigation measures include: 1) soil and water conservation planning shall be done well , its overall programme should not only consider type, way and harm extent of soil erosion caused by project construction fully but also combine overall programme of management area during construction operation; 2) set treatment equipment in construction personnel living campsite strictly forbid directly draining into water body; 3) do a good job of drainage system and water & soil conservation measures in dumping space, and prevent aquatic environment from being affected by dredged material piling and soil erosion; 4) dust proof and removal equipment shall be installed in concrete mixing system to meet the corresponding environmental protection requirements; 5) strengthen the management of transportation vehicles; 6) construction units shall reasonably arrange construction period, do well application and registration and take necessary noise reduction and control measures; 7) recoverable and utilizable waste iron and scrap reinforcing steel shall be reclaimed by specially-assigned person; and 8) take improvement measures for construction production wastewater and domestic sewage to reduce their influence on river water quality and aquatic life.

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