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Project Information Document - COVID-19 Response Project - P175131 (Английский)

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    Информационный документ о проекте

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    Европа и Центральная Азия,

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  • Название документа

    Project Information Document - COVID-19 Response Project - P175131

  • Ключевые слова

    European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Gross National Income Per Capita; life expectancy at birth; Occupational health and safety; Environmental and Social Safeguard; impact of climate change; access to drinking water; demand for health services; quality of health services; Infection Prevention and Control; Environmental and Social Impact; access to health service; united nations population fund; Health Nutrition and Population; health for all; health facility; pandemic response; years of schooling; medical waste management; public health laboratory; hospital bed capacity; public health center; quality of care; equipment and supply; waste management activities; privatization of state; acute respiratory infection; foreign direct investment; prevalence of hypertension; Oil and Gas; essential health services; formal labor market; transportation of patients; increase in income; risk of contamination; quality of education; inflow of workers; public health measures; prevalence of overweight; approach to surveillance; payment of tax; Investment Project Financing; access to loan; health care needs; series of meetings; Voluntary Health Insurance; primary care facilities; infectious disease hospital; procurement of vaccine; health information system; local public health; public health facility; availability of resource; Oil & Gas; clinical practice guidelines; continuity of care; global supply chain; point of entry; intensive care units; social and environmental; fiduciary function; social distance; pandemic preparedness; community engagement; medical equipment; risk communication; healthcare system; state budget; technical component; raw material; donor coordination; development partner; international travel; biomedical waste; health expenditure; in hospital; emergency response; national system; capacity strengthening; administrative control; case management; health systems; sectoral approach; diagnostic equipment; population group; outcome indicator; readiness assessment; laboratory technician; care service; international partners; donor effort; pediatric hospitals; new cases; oxygen generators; national health; young population; reform effort; family medicine; test kit; smaller share; oxygen supply; preventing transmission; international traveler; health finance; inpatient care; vulnerable population; collected data; blood pressure; disease outbreak; outbreak control; pocket expenditure; epidemic curve; vulnerable group; international collaboration; anecdotal evidence; international stakeholders; international research; response effort; universal immunization; vaccination program; limited information; case detection; budget envelope; early adoption; salt iodization; monitoring activity; hospital visit; sector expenditure; national gdp; adequate supply; existing capacity; pocket expense; premature mortality; adult population; radio broadcasting; construction industry; awareness raising; ensuring compliance; mitigation measure; high performance; hydrocarbon production; living standard; behavior change; recent years; citizen engagement; other development; inclusive development; transparent manner; increased competition; laboratory staff; hydrocarbon sector; regulatory environment; health reform; comparator country; regular monitoring; procurement function; program leader; agreed time; contractual provision; financing instrument; program development; capacities in support; communication specialists; internal control; funds flow; human capital; Performance Standards; land border; procurement responsibility; social standard; oil deposit; gas reserve; traditional form; general population; process industry; several factors; population level; blood gas; critically ill; Health Workers; laboratory equipment; railway transportation; freight service; local producer; technical expertise; Disease Prevention; emergency health; international waterway; communication sector; tourism industry; export operation; institutional context

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