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Concept Stage Program Information Document (PID) - Benin Health System Enhancement - P172940 (Английский)

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    Информационный документ о проекте

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    Concept Stage Program Information Document (PID) - Benin Health System Enhancement - P172940

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    climate change and disaster risk; maternal and child health services; Infant and Maternal Mortality Rates; Technical and Financial Partners; Human Resources for Health; access to health service; Infection Prevention and Control; national health; community health worker; provision of health service; Demographic and Health Survey; Below the Poverty Line; package of health service; health and safety issue; Environmental and Social Safeguard; real gross domestic product; access to health care; access to potable water; millennium development goal; Gender-Based Violence; net purchasers of food; Urban and Rural Development; demand for health services; per capita income growth; health facility; health information system; primary health care; Sexually Transmitted Infection; Macro Poverty Outlook; health sector goals; people with disability; community at large; flow of fund; mother and child; medical waste management; quality of care; promotion of health; climate change research; Guidelines for Disbursement; social risk assessment; epidemiological surveillance network; access to water; public awareness campaign; total fertility rate; risk of infection; modern contraceptive prevalence; number of passengers; national health system; health sector strategy; public health crisis; Health System Strengthening; transfer of fund; health care centers; point of care; performance-based financing; health service utilization; point of service; availability of drug; Use of Country Systems; health sector objectives; commercial bank account; availability of infrastructure; Public Health Emergency; promotion of ethics; development of infrastructure; management of resources; line of defense; sea level rise; capacity of community; community health center; public health department; mental health support; prevention of gender; climate-related shock; establishment of community; minister of health; Health Human Resources; disease surveillance system; quality assurance system; social protection system; energy efficiency standard; Rule of Law; purchasing power parity; official poverty line; health care facility; state-owned enterprise; Access to Electricity; pregnant woman; quality service; community level; health research; Antenatal Care; Health Workers; human capital; health products; financing instrument; effective participation; emergency preparedness; water sector; national strategy; Postnatal Care; intermediate indicator; rural population; operational capacity; medical equipment; rural area; climate shock; social impact; treasury account; environmental health; partnership agreement; free health; gender aspect; cotton production; poor household; Health policies; health care facilities; emergency situation; epidemic disease; response action; mid-term evaluation; extreme poverty; health coverage; vulnerable group; maternity hospital; citizen engagement; response plan; chronic malnutrition; Poverty Analysis; financing mechanism; social requirement; urban population; inclusive growth; health outcome; live birth; project finance; health infrastructure; poverty elimination; agriculture sector; development partner; international level; complementary feeding; young child; feeding practice; core principle; poverty decline; acute malnutrition; electrical energy; preventive measure; institutional system; efficient coordination; regulatory authority; Coping Mechanisms; Essential Drugs; logistics management; collaborative approach; Infectious Disease; antimicrobial resistance; global health; ecosystem service; child work; in poverty; natural disaster; solar panel; cognitive development; free treatment; community engagement; subsistence agriculture; political capital; monitoring trend; program development; big city; physical examination; curative consultation; universal health; Gender Gap; malaria treatment; pilot testing; sectoral strategy; finance portfolio; public action; Linked to Disbursement; external financing; health finance; political uncertainty; value added

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