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Communities taking the lead - a handbook on direct financing of community subprojects : Las comunidades toman las riendas: guia sobre financiacion directa de subproyectos comunitarios (Испанский)

This handbook focuses on the design of programs providing direct financing to communities. It describes one particular set of arrangements - those where the responsibilities for managing financial resources, and contracting service providers, is vested in community organizations, or committees. Given the varying governance structures between countries (as well as the different types of community institutions, and capacities even within one country), project design must be context specific. However, some basic principles, and lessons learned from relevant projects may be of value. The handbook is divided in three main sections. Key guiding principles, and definitions of the direct financing approach are presented in the first section. The second part provides guidance on overall project design - beneficiary consultation, criteria for project appraisal, designing the operational manual, etc. The final section provides descriptions of activities to be undertaken at each stage of the subproject cycle: preparation of the community proposal, appraisal and approval, subproject implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and completion of the subproject. The handbook also identifies key tools, and resources that can be used at each stage.

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    De Silva,Samantha

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    Las comunidades toman las riendas: guia sobre financiacion directa de subproyectos comunitarios

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    Handbooks, Project design; Community participation; Program implementation; Financing plans; Financial resources; Contract formulation; Community organizations; Governance approach; Consultation with members; Project appraisal; Operational collaboration; Subprojects; Project implementation; Monitoring and evaluation

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