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Brazil - Salvador Urban Transport Project - environmental assessment (Vol. 5) (Английский)

The Salvador Urban Transport Project will ensure a more efficient and equitable access to public mass transport in the Salvador Metropolitan area, comprising two inter-related components: a)Infrastructure and equipment component, and b) institutional and policy development. This report overviews the environmental impact assessment on the integrated transportation system of Salvador. The impacts over the biotic media are considered to be light. Negative impacts and their mitigation measures relate both to the construction and operational phases. Physical impacts include: a) water, drainage, and water resources pollution; b) noise/vibration - significant during construction - mitigated by the minimum use of percussive construction methods and careful evaluation of slopes and existing building foundations; c) air pollution - mitigation includes taking present levels into consideration when creating the forced ventilation system; and d) landscape & visual impacts - mitigated by use of strict control of relocation effort and land occupation after construction. Social impacts including personal and commercial relocation as well as increased accidents (during construction) will be mitigated by a widespread information plan, a carefully designed relocation plan, and a campaign of Environmental education. Indemnification should also be considered, translating into expeditious appropriations actions.

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    Brazil - Salvador Urban Transport Project - environmental assessment

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