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Laying the foundation for sustainable development : Vietnam partnership report update : Tao nen tang cho phat trien ben vung : cap nhat bao cao quan he doi tac 2008 (Вьетнамский)

The People's Participation Working Group (PPWG) was established in 1999 as part of a network of thematic development partnership groups. As a partnership group, the PPWG provides inputs to the Consultative Group (CG) meetings held semi-annually between the government and donor committee. The PPWG is an informal network and forum for international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government employees, donors, project managers, consultants, researchers, etc. to meet and exchange information and ideas on issues relating to people's participation, grassroots democracy and civil society. Following the strategy revision process, it was agreed that the overall goal of the PPWG is that by 2010, an enabling environment for enhancing people's participation will be actively supported by the PPWG, which will result in improved contributions by civil society to development and poverty reduction processes in Vietnam. This goal will be achieved through the following objectives and key activities.

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    Tao nen tang cho phat trien ben vung : cap nhat bao cao quan he doi tac 2008

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