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Kyrgyz Republic - Community Support Program Project : environmental assessment : Environmental social management framework (Английский)

The development objective of the Community Support Program Project for Kyrgyz Republic is to engage communities in the development of social and economic infrastructure in order to enhance services, livelihoods and inclusion in target villages near the CASA-1000 transmission line. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures are includes : (i) local construction and environmental inspectorates, as well as local residents, were notified of upcoming work; (ii) The Contractor formally agrees that all work will be carried out in a disciplined and safe manner and will be organized so as to minimize the impact on local people and the natural environment; (iii) waste demolition, excavated soil and fillers will be stored in a specially designated area, and will also be moistened to prevent dust formation; (iv) preventing soil and construction debris from entering surrounding areas (sidewalks, roads) to avoid the spread of dust; (v) construction noise is allowed only at the set time in accordance with the permission received for the work; (vi) to confirm the proper collection and disposal in accordance with the project, garbage collection will be recorded; (vii) uncontrolled diversion of groundwater, discharge of waste water, cement slurry or any contaminated water into underground or adjacent streams or rivers is not permitted; the contractor will receive the necessary licenses and permits for collection of water and controlled discharge to public sewage systems; (viii) removing asbestos (if removal is necessary), it will be treated with a moisturizing compound to reduce the formation of asbestos dust; (ix) transportation of waste will be carried out by specialized licensed carriers with disposal at established facilities.

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