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GEF country portfolio evaluation : South Africa (1994-2007) (Английский)

South Africa contains internationally significant biodiversity, habitats, and marine resources. Although considered a middle-income country, it has wide economic, racial, and gender disparities that affect the state of the environment. The country has a high proportion of threatened species, and many habitats are poorly conserved. South Africa is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the region and one of the world's most carbon-intensive countries. Land degradation and pressures on marine resources are critical issues. South Africa has actively participated in the Global Environment Facility (GEF) since 1994. Most GEF support has gone to biodiversity and climate change, and the rest to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and the Small Grants Programme (SGP). In October 2007 February 2008, the GEF Evaluation Office evaluated GEF support to South Africa. The assessment was part of a series of country portfolio evaluations examining the totality of GEF support across all GEF Agencies and programs, using a country as the unit of analysis. Benin, Madagascar, and South Africa were chosen for evaluation according to a process that included random selection and specific criteria. South Africa was chosen, in particular, because of its historically large and diverse portfolio of 11 completed projects with potentially important results and a government-developed medium-term priority framework for GEF support. The country will receive a large allocation under the Resource Allocation Framework due to its important global biodiversity and dependency on fossil fuels. The evaluation focused on the country's 26 GEF national projects worth $86.27 million, including 26 projects under the GEF SGP, which were evaluated as one project. One global and four regional projects focused on international waters were included in the evaluation.

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