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Benin - Cotton Sector Reform Project (Английский)

The Cotton Sector Reform Project in Benin, will facilitate transition to a competitive system, by supporting the private sector operations, and institutional change resulting from the privatization of the National Company for Agricultural Promotion's (SONAPRA) ginning activities. The project components' main focus is on supporting the institutions involved in cotton ginning, and primary marketing activities, namely the Association Inter-professionnelle du Coton (AIC), Centrale de Securisation des Paiements et du Recouvrement (CSPR), and Federations des Unions de Producteurs (FUPRO) become operationally effective, and institutionally strong. Technical assistance, and advisory services will be provided, to cover management responsibilities, auditing, and financing operations, including training for institutional capacity building. Furthermore, the project will support the implementation of sector-wide technical services programs, in an effort for the private sector to take responsibility over the agricultural services, and other technical support functions carried out by SONAPRA, whose ginning plants, and operations' privatization, includes assistance, and advisory services for the reform process, and for addressing the social aspects, and financial needs of the government's conversion program.

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