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Restructuring Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Climate Resilient Infrastructure - P127338 (Английский)

Подробная Информация

  • Автор

    Pedroso,Frederico Ferreira Fonseca

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    Сводный перечень данных о гарантиях

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    Латинская Америка и страны Карибского бассейна,

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  • Название документа

    Restructuring Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Climate Resilient Infrastructure - P127338

  • Ключевые слова

    Environmental and Social Management Plan; degradation of critical natural habitats; Independent Panel of Experts; monitoring and evaluation system; Environmental and Social Safeguard; physical cultural resources; water use for irrigation; policy-related issues; health and safety hazard; Environmental and Social Impact; finance activity; quality of water resource; community health and safety; Occupational health and safety; impact of climate variability; safeguard policy; Safeguard Policies; civil works; use of land; access to asset; loss of asset; loss of income; climate resilience; Broad Community Support; use of chemicals; small-scale irrigation system; conditional cash transfer; dam safety management; radio and television; detailed engineering design; slash and burn; appropriate mitigation measures; assessment of risk; agriculture and irrigation; use of water; loss of property; loss of land; use of machinery; conversion of forest; agricultural activity; surface water; irrigation purpose; cultural property; project intervention; public consultation; safeguard issue; agricultural practice; national legislation; rainwater harvesting; emergency response; existing dam; waste generation; international bans; resettlement plan; forest ecosystem; land use; poverty alleviation; land cover; road infrastructure; subproject implementation; natural features; baseline conditions; territorial claim; territorial dispute; other asset; environmental specialist; biodiversity value; critical habitat; irreversible impacts; cultural significance; agricultural equipment; safeguards data; beef cattle; feeding system; value chain; soil excavation; central regions; stakeholder engagement; socio-economic development; water efficiency; natural disaster; water source; land clearing; infrastructure work; upstream dam; Performance Standards; air emission; hydroelectric facility; sustainable practices; critical ecosystem; diversion dam; hydraulic structure; animal waste; flood control; local biodiversity; environmental risk; water flow; existing schemes; notification requirement; social media; environment assessment; monitoring indicator; procurement activities; emergency situation; civil society; physical vulnerability; critical infrastructure; Flood Mitigation; natural hazard; hydrological model; public advertisement; operational design; institutional responsibilities; local ngo; program development; flood risk; public place; flood resilience; international aspect; global pandemic; public awareness; vulnerable citizen; loan proceeds; safeguard specialist; result indicator; works contract; safeguard analysis; safeguards compliance; unemployment assistance; response plan; food assistance; physical characteristic; dust generation; vulnerable family; Social Protection; best practice; general population; technical expertise; investment planning; asset maintenance; affected persons; social distance

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