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China - Zhejiang Qiantang River Basin Small Town Environment Project : environmental assessment : Consolidated environmental assessment report : executive summary (Английский)

The development objective of the Zhejiang Qiantang River Basin Small Town Environment Project for China is to assist Zhejiang province in increasing access to sustainable urban environmental infrastructure in selected cities, districts and towns in the Qiantang river basin. Negative impacts include: noise, air and water pollution, traffic, wastewater, dust, drainage, soil erosion, sludge, garbage, and spoil and building waste. Mitigation measures include: 1) sludge will be tested regularly to check if the presence of toxic substance; 2) the noise emissions will be minimized by acoustic insulation of machinery where there are sensitive noise receptors close to the facilities; 3) environmental monitoring before the closure of dump site, and regular monitoring after the closure of the dump sites will be conducted; 4) install and maintain an adequate drainage system to prevent erosion on the site during and after construction; 5) minimize production of dust and particulate materials at all times, including spray water, during dry and windy days, on construction sites; 6) avoid construction activities at night, and in case of construction at night cannot be avoided, ensure that night work is carefully scheduled and the community is properly informed; 7) waste soil and construction waste shall be filled into the designated places according to the municipal and planning department; 8) set garbage bins, and transport to the Zhuji city landfill; and 9) equip with sludge dehydration and drying equipment, sludge shall be transported externally for covering up after dehydration.

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