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World Bank Support to Reducing Child Undernutrition - An Independent Evaluation (Английский)

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    IEG Evaluation

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    World Bank Support to Reducing Child Undernutrition - An Independent Evaluation

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    Recipient-Executed Trust Fund; committee on development effectiveness; Committee for Development Effectiveness; maternal and child nutrition; nutritional status of child; Trust Funds and Partnerships; access to health service; maternal and child health; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; access to health care; nutrition policy and programming; mother and child; access to food; behavior change interventions; success and failure; human capital accumulation; Early Childhood Development; scaling up nutrition; Learning and Innovation Credit; institutional strengthening; availability of information; growth and development; status of woman; prevalence of underweight; pattern of behavior; multivariate regression analysis; Development Policy Financing; management coordination; cost of child; assessment of outcome; global best practice; use of knowledge; productivity outcome; nutrition initiative; Development Policy Lending; quality assurance approach; Social Safety Nets; households with child; age of child; nutrition outcome; Stunted Growth; nutrition intervention; conceptual framework; intermediate outcome; recent years; low birthweight; country portfolio; knowledge work; children's nutrition; nutrition program; nutrition service; sectoral approach; food system; nutrition indicator; physical growth; cognitive development; child feeding; behavioral change; inadequate food; micronutrient deficiency; healthy growth; early marriage; Birth Spacing; evaluation method; Population Projects; stakeholder engagement; nutritional outcome; evaluation period; development partner; nutritious food; effective service; health status; econometric analysis; anthropometric measure; comparative advantage; young child; Social Protection; Advisory services; life course; birth outcome; food availability; weight gain; measurement challenges; road map; increasing investment; international partners; low energy; irreversible effect; based systems; healthy diet; broad agreement; Population Sector; operational guidance; Nutrition Projects; value added; noncommunicable diseases; adolescent mortality; multiple actor; health consequence; holistic approach; government commitment; qualitative tool; political commitment; body weight; proportional increase; community level; Investment Support; other sectors; other development; pregnant woman; cash crop; nutrition-sensitive agriculture; reproductive age; persistent gaps; social sustainability; stunted child; acute malnutrition; malnourished child; in school; government ownership; internal effort; review period; sustainable agriculture; changing behavior; noncommercial purposes; dietary intake; improved health; subsidiary right; learning capacity; investment case; emotional development; Child development; administrative support; better nutrition; budget allocation; extreme poverty; machine learning; portfolio review; work capacity; healthy child; evaluation question; school performance; investment operation; evaluation design; based principle; systems approach; portfolio analysis; portfolio performance; project indicator; early pregnancy; graphic design; childhood disease; food resource; geographical area; Portfolio Support; rural agriculture; nutrition status; maternal nutrition; community participation; adolescent nutrition; knowledge platform; women's empowerment; nutrient intake; portfolio level; Undernutrition

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