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Independence of OED (Английский)

The extent to which an evaluation unit is independent is a perennial issue in evaluation oversight. A number of official evaluation and audit organizations have addressed this issue and compiled a set of criteria they suggest be used to define the degree of independence of evaluation and audit units. OED has applied the criteria recommended by these organizations to its own situation to assess its independence. There are four major criteria of independence: Organizational independence; Behavioral independence; Avoidance of conflicts of interest; and Protection from external influence. This is a summary of the self-evaluation. The conclusion is that OED exhibits a high degree of independence, meeting or exceeding all criteria for independence.

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    Independence of OED

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    conflicts of interest;Committee for Development Effectiveness;committee on development effectiveness;Work Program and Budget;personnel system;degree of independence;federation accountant;role of bank;Code of Ethics;government auditing standard;unrestricted access;disciplinary procedure;external influence;financial interest;disciplinary measure;evaluation process;conceptual approach;oversight body;evaluation result;staff manual;staff rule;political pressure;foreign affair;evaluation method;development work;internal stakeholder;external stakeholder;professional practice;management function;operational management;internal auditor;continued employment;auditor independence;

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