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Vietnam - Rural Distribution Project : indigenous peoples plan : Ethnic minority plan : rural medium voltage power grid for Bac Giang Province (Английский)

The objective of the Rural Distribution Project for Vietnam focuses on rehabilitating and increasing the capacity of existing distribution lines and substations and standardizing them to enable them to meet the growing demand more efficiently, provide better quality and quantity of electric power for productive uses, and reduce power system losses. The indigenous peoples plan (IPP) evaluated impact on project affected peoples (PAPs). In this regard, the following recommendation and mitigation measures will be applied: obtain information regarding the needs and priorities of PAPs, as well as information about their reactions/feedback to the policies and activities related to the implementation of the project; ensure the cooperation of PAPs and participating communities during the design, planning, and implementation of the resettlement plan; ensure transparency in all activities related to land acquisition, resettlement and rehabilitation of PAPs; promote open discussion meetings when decisions need to be considered to resolve proposals for modification, condition for execution of project benefits, prevention plans and compensation, and mitigation impacts; apply of Vietnam's laws, legal and institutional framework related to the protection of ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples, and the Bank's operational safeguards directives on social, involuntary resettlement, indigenous peoples and cultural property including ensure that subprojects benefits to ethnic minorities (EM) communities are culturally appropriate, include provisions for respect to their dignity, identity and diversity, and finally, ensure their quality of life will be improved if not restored to pre-project standards.

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