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Botswana - Morupule B Generation and Transmission Project : resettlement plan (Vol. 2) : Draft resettlement policy framework (Английский)

The overall objectives of the Botswana Morupule B Generation and Transmission Project are to: (i) secure reliable and affordable supply of electricity as soon as possible; and (ii) to build institutional capacity for sustainable development of the energy sector. Negative measures include: valuation of assets, land, reconstruction of buildings, and compensation for crop loss. Mitigation measures include: compensation to the family will consist of an equivalent plot of land located approximately five-six km from Palapye in a similar setting of undeveloped land. The location should allow them to continue present livelihood activities which include: collection of firewood, mopane worms and other fruits for sale in Palapye, and growing of some crops for their own consumption. Compensation will also consist of assistance by Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) with the process of resettlement, including moving the family's belongings and assisting with reconstruction of housing, structures, and fencing. Subject to the family's agreement, BPC may also assist by providing materials and labor to improve the standard of the buildings with more durable materials. BPC will also provide compensation equivalent to this year's foregone crop opportunities as the family did not plant their usual subsistence crops, aware that they will be moved.

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