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Peru - Judicial Reform Project (Английский)

The Judicial Reform Project assists Peru in improving judicial system performance by enhancing access, quality, independence, efficiency, and integrity. There are three components. Component One modernizes judicial administration and improves judicial performance in selected districts. Its first sub-component strengthens district offices and gives judges economic autonomy, designs a preferential fee scheme for low-income groups, and supports a public information campaign. Its second sub-component improves the quality, predictability, and timeliness of judicial decisionmaking; implements pilot programs in selected districts; forms forums discussing specific judgments; develops incentives; expands court libraries; implements pilot-tested court organization and case processing procedures; holds workshops; studies quantitative and qualitative indicators measuring performance; implements judicial information systems and statistics; and remodels physical facilities. Component two establishes a judicial career system and improves judicial ethics and accountability. Its sub-components strengthen judicial selection and evaluation; develop judicial institutions and implement training programs; and strengthen the disciplinary system of the office supervising magistrates. Component three implements training programs for popularly elected lay judges and community authorities, refines laws and regulations; promotes alternative dispute resolution; and develops the Public Defender.

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