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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Honduras - Innovation for Rural Competitiveness Project - COMRURAL III - P174328 (Английский)

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    Информационный документ о проекте

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    Латинская Америка и страны Карибского бассейна,

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    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Honduras - Innovation for Rural Competitiveness Project - COMRURAL III - P174328

  • Ключевые слова

    limited access to finance; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; real gross domestic product; access to basic service; annual per capita income; Food and Nutrition Security; broad range of stakeholders; information and communication technology; food value chain; extreme weather event; Agricultural Value Chain; impact of hurricanes; private financial institution; quality of job; grievance redress mechanism; access to technology; high crime rate; source of income; source income; million people; rural infrastructure improvement; rural infrastructure investment; adoption of technology; public sector service; public sector institution; sustainable private sector; crime and violence; high poverty rate; domestic economic activity; reallocation of fund; private sector institutions; governance and institutions; Finance for Development; sustainable development goals; private financial sector; impact of investments; restrictions on mobility; human capital formation; international good practice; technical assistance provider; Sustainable Economic Development; national agricultural research; food system; Indigenous Peoples; agriculture sector; agricultural competitiveness; climate resilience; direct beneficiaries; rural area; market access; rural economy; small farmer; food sector; target beneficiary; family farming; improving competitiveness; institutional capital; alliance model; economic recovery; business relationship; gross sale; Livestock Production; data bank; improved technologies; national territory; Protecting Livelihoods; land degradation; mountain slope; heavy rain; afro descendants; market position; value addition; improving productivity; market demand; adequate regulation; financial product; job generation; agricultural asset; Agribusiness Development; social framework; sectoral performance; irrigation works; investment target; project plan; social compliance; commercially viable; sustainable income; financial innovation; investment opportunities; employment opportunities; employment opportunity; smallholder producer; project costing; beneficiary contribution; financial inclusion; commercial financing; international market; tropical storm; climate vulnerability; agricultural vulnerability; small-scale farmer; male farmer; Private Cofinancing; vulnerable group; indigenous group; macroeconomic shock; active participation; financial liquidity; crop cycle; labor influx; land use; tropical cyclone; Land tenure; community dynamics; disaster relief; private finance; rural public; complementary investment; productive asset; Water Management; high migration; matching grant; income growth; social cohesion; external shock; real gdp; export demand; natural habitat; agricultural school; private solutions; food health; external demand; Rural Poor; enabling environment; binding constraint; global climate; risk index; land acquisition; private delivery; climate shock; subsistence farming; national economy; agricultural production; rural employment; business environment; disease outbreak; high vulnerability; community workers; food export; agricultural productivity; natural hazard; road safety; Advisory services; water balance; market linkage; rural family; investment climate; public entity; geographic scope; institutional strengthening; enhancing competitiveness; Business Climate; other sectors; institutional weakness; institutional context; job market

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