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Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Railway Improvement and Safety for Egypt - P175137 (Английский)

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  • Автор

    Ardila Gomez,Arturo

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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  • Страна

    Арабская Республика Египет,

  • Регион

    Ближний Восток и Северная Африка,

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  • Название документа

    Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Railway Improvement and Safety for Egypt - P175137

  • Ключевые слова

    Environmental and Social Management Plan; Environmental and Social Review Summary; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; Gender-Based Violence; Occupational health and safety; community health and safety; impact on water resource; sustainable management; availability of drinking water; lack of written contract; European Bank for Reconstruction; people with disability; waste management plan; human resource development; track renewal activity; safety and reliability; safe working environment; Social Risk Rating; safety of women; use of pesticide; IS Building; income generating activity; Traffic Control Rooms; amount of wastes; existing asset; legally protected areas; improved land management; social insurance coverage; loss of land; risk assessment methodology; safety of passenger; system asset; safety of worker; adjacent water body; lack of facilities; means of transportation; types of wastes; generation of waste; management of risk; person with disability; stakeholder engagement; railway corridor; national railway; construction site; international contractor; operational efficiency; corrective action; mitigation measure; railway track; raw material; safety performance; child labor; construction phase; contract worker; railway service; environmental risk; land plot; safety improvement; gender assessment; positive impact; noise emission; sexual harassment; railway network; community exposure; train travel; wait area; ghg emissions; transport model; focus group; future investment; traffic disruption; chemical hazard; consultation activity; traffic crash; Cultural Heritage; civil works; precautionary measure; unskilled worker; traffic impact; social implications; procurement documents; walking path; Train Derailment; social media; work contracts; irrigation channel; big data; train control; railway sector; land issue; local ngo; physical characteristic; land survey; public consultation; internal system; vulnerable group; Wastewater Disposal; civil society; geographic scope; job opportunity; geographical area; resettlement process; rural area; safety management; outreach activity; local area; business opportunity; several points; small sample; fuel use; rail corridor; railway infrastructure; Advisory services; contract management; social planning; government land; land use; secondary technical; marine biodiversity; block system; vulnerable people; project intervention; railway accident; serious injury; biodiversity value; waste generation; surveillance system; safety equipment; demand forecast; private land; road vehicle; river pollution; indigenous community; indigenous communities; geographic location; personal safety; construction equipment; train accident; general assessment; transport economist; transport specialist; water bodies; infrastructure contract; railway reform; internal procedure; temporary storage; demonstration effect; job opportunities; data management; screening tool; excavation work; rolling stock; Natural Resources; greater access; signaling equipment; physical hazard; social studies; baseline data; safety systems; good signage; emergency response; contractual requirement; monitoring compliance; construction activities; regulatory requirement; moving vehicle; social study; rail car; discriminatory practice; metal waste; overtime pay; visual surveillance; transport investment; new contract; soil pollution; retroactive financing; financial intermediaries; public outreach; fugitive emission; air emission; grievance mechanism; vulnerable worker; contract amendment; bidding stage; train passenger; existing contract; security service; safety hazard; work location; disability insurance; train speed; site visits; food waste; rural setting; public safety; environmental specialist; financing instrument; online communication; community meetings; public hearing; international donor; construction contractor; security concern; social distance; delta region; safety campaign; preventive measure; management consultant

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