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Fiji - First and Second Fiscal Sustainability and Climate Resilience Project (Английский)

The Fiji First and Second Fiscal Sustainability and Climate Resilience Development Policy Operation Project had a moderately unsatisfactory outcome and moderately unsatisfactory achievement of objectives. The lessons learned were: (1) The Development Policy Operation series helped to prioritize reforms and provided much needed financing during the initial COVID-19 period. (2) Clear communicating of policy reforms by the Government is key to ensuring uptake and understanding for the general public and commitment and ownership of the Government. (3) To ensure higher likelihood of outcomes and stronger results from policy actions, the Development Policy Operation series may consider supporting more advanced level of reforms in the second series and set achievable targets.(4) Clarity on how the data will be collected and using the preparation of the second series to track progress of targets can lead to better monitoring. (5) Evaluating an operation in extraordinary circumstance under the standard Implementation Completion Report format may need to be reconsidered.

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