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Restructuring Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Rwanda Housing Finance Project - P165649 (Английский)

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    Сводный перечень данных о гарантиях

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    Restructuring Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Rwanda Housing Finance Project - P165649

  • Ключевые слова

    Environmental and Social Management System; monitoring and evaluation system; water supply and sanitation service; Housing; community health and safety; Environmental and Social Safeguard; health and safety issue; affordable housing development; provision of infrastructure; Safeguard Policies; safeguard policy; capital market development; affordable housing loan; affordable housing supply; affordable housing finance; cost of construction; risk management approach; access to financing; capacity in place; capital market instruments; adequate screening procedure; infrastructure project finance; interest rate risk; source of funding; financing capacity; storm water drainage; value of land; access to land; short term loan; availability of land; development of market; implementation of reform; international good practice; social risk management; international commodity price; Financial Intermediary Assessment; project finance transaction; put pressure; demand side financing; water and electricity; law and regulation; risk management procedure; due diligence process; growth and development; Risk Management Policies; risk management policy; banking sector; physical infrastructure; new house; greater access; long-term fund; primary lender; construction activities; government support; risk profile; private developer; international waterway; involuntary resettlement; safeguard issue; Participation Agreement; financing need; land acquisition; Job Creation; environmental risk; retail mortgage; supply side; lending activities; financial intermediaries; housing construction; air transportation; supply chain; mitigation measure; fiscal space; construction material; financing agreement; infrastructure component; physical characteristic; positive growth; housing lending; disbursement condition; housing sector; mortgage loan; mortgage lender; Performance Standards; financial exposure; mortgage market; mortgage finance; affordable mortgage; critical habitat; global pandemic; commercial activity; secondary city; risk assessment; registered company; safeguard analysis; environmental specialist; income household; financing instrument; infrastructure work; high-density housing; government constraint; fiscal resource; urban development; government subsidy; national budget; housing stock; assessment process; infrastructure provision; results framework; housing authority; civil works; street light; affordable finance; selling price; urban population; government's budget; social amenities; multiplier effect; low-income household; emerging economy; Emerging economies; empirical research; fiscal condition; extreme poverty; infrastructure support; fiscal pressure; grievance management; stakeholder engagement; institutional responsibilities; natural environment; overall demand; property value; steep slope; local ngo; construction cost; building material; building technology; local housing; construction industry; dump site; noise pollution; personal health; price range; available housing; monthly income; Financial Sector; lack of alternative; Fire Safety; term financing; mortgaged property; positive impact; organizational structure; external stakeholder; reporting requirement; social screening; business process; investment finance; project datum; project financing; core operation; project costing; sustainable construction; limited capacity; investment risk; program development; safeguards data; distribution network; access road; housing demand; vulnerable communities; Virtual Meeting; institutional investor; long-term finance; monitoring indicator; existing dam; Cultural Heritage; indigenous people; Indigenous Peoples; forest degradation; first home; credit line; eligibility criterion; as financial; natural habitat; construction delay; target market; subordinated debt; long-term debt; mortgage refinancing; home price; Portfolio Support; Public Infrastructure; residential housing; adverse risks; marginalized group; short-term deposit; public place

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