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Georgia - Second Social Investment Fund Project (Английский)

The Second Social Investment Fund Project for Georgia's development objectives are: a) participating local government levels use enhanced management skills and a participatory process in establishing local development plans and setting investment priorities; b) participating poor communities apply for, manage, and use micro-projects in a sustainable manner; and c) participating poor communities benefit from improved social and economic infrastructure and related services. To that end, the project will place an explicit emphasis on strengthening the interaction between local government level and citizens in improving the quality of life in communities. It will undertake capacity building and asset management at the local government level. At the community level, it will develop community mobilization and advocacy skills to strengthen self-reliance and self-help mechanisms. There are three components: 1) capacity building at local community and self-government levels, through training in management and administrative skills; 2) identification, development and implementation of community based micro-projects; and 3) project management costs. While the project will be nationwide in scope, the primary target group will be the poor communities in peri-urban areas, rural towns and villages.

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