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India - Cotton and textile industries : reforming to compete : Main Text (Английский)

Only increased productivity and improved product quality can keep India's cotton textile industries competitive and expanding against goods from other major exporters both in foreign markets and at home--where apparel demand is due to grow along with the largely export-generated demand for intermediate textile inputs (i.e., yarn and fabrics). This report finds that measures to enhance productivity and quality will require massive modernization investments but a host of polices and regulations relating to firm size, product composition, labor and taxation, combined with inadequate export infrastructure and cumbersome customs procedures still limit firms' capacity and incentives to undergo adjustment and modernization. Discussing the challenges ahead, the first and second chapters of the main text (Volume 1) describe the structure, operation, and policy and regulatory constraints to growth and increased competitiveness in the sectors, drawing at all times on the strong linkages between manufacturing and agriculture. Chapter 3 proposes a program for action to meet these new challenges. Volume 2 presents more in-depth discussion of the textile and cotton policy environment; the structure and performance of the textile industry; the cotton production sector; cotton markets; the impact of the phase-out of the Multi-Fiber Agreement on the cotton and textile sectors; and short run, distributional consequences of domestic cotton and textile reforms.

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