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Concept Program Information Document (PID) - Nigeria COVID-19 Federal Fiscal and Economic Response DPO - P173993 (Английский)

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    Hernandez Ore,Marco Antonio

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    Информационный документ по программе

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  • Название документа

    Concept Program Information Document (PID) - Nigeria COVID-19 Federal Fiscal and Economic Response DPO - P173993

  • Ключевые слова

    fiscal; united nations framework convention on climate change; gas flare; financial sector stability; Below the Poverty Line; poverty and social impact; government revenue; financing flow; tax and customs administration; Environment and Natural Resources; Macroeconomic Management; public health; oil price; financial incentive; program development; fiscal relief; carbon dioxide; global environmental benefits; asset and liability; positive environmental effects; public health authority; movement of people; emission of pollutant; living in poverty; financial sector risk; national poverty rate; loss of life; local economic activity; domestic revenue mobilization; consumption of gasoline; Poverty & Inequality; exchange rate management; central bank financing; nominal exchange rate; world oil price; value-added tax; annual budget process; increase in expenditure; international oil price; trade development; compliance audit; Fuel Subsidies; gasoline consumption; low consumption; undisbursed loans; fiscal risk; monthly reports; financial statement; oil sector; response effort; oil revenue; project datum; tax incentive; fiscal constraint; pay taxes; Results Page; the administration; finance imbalance; tax return; gasoline subsidy; downward pressure; associated gas; flare gas; financing instrument; productive purposes; gasoline price; vulnerable family; care program; fiscal support; other development; black carbon; negative effect; Exchange Rates; Financial Stability; Social Protection; government spending; fiscal space; expenditure efficiency; Global Warming; separate budget; social outcome; health-sector resources; emergency care; fiscal imbalance; fiscal resource; urban economy; governmental response; confirmed case; countervailing measure; fiscal response; severe recession; informal sector; marketable debt; road traffic; government's capacity; fiscal revenue; domestic flight; oil industry; improving governance; agricultural activity; macroeconomic shock; economic recession; public finance

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