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Brazil - Secondary education in Brazil : time to move forward (Английский)

The study focuses on secondary education issues, particularly the supply, and demand factors affecting student attainment, and performance. It explores the main challenges resulting from the rapid expansion in secondary education enrolments, in terms of access, equity, quality and financing, and, presents policy options to address them. It is important to note that vocational education, and the issue of curriculum content, are not being addressed, since the Government took the policy to separate technical education from secondary schools, clearly selecting secondary education as the last stage of basic education, and, the definition of secondary education curriculum - which emphasizes basic skills and competencies - is linked to the reform being implemented. The report reviews the access to primary education, which appears not to be a problem, and the growing demand for secondary education. However, completion rates, raises major questions regarding system efficiency. The differences among regions, and socioeconomic groups, address the issue of education equity, particularly the overwhelmingly urban upper secondary education, while determinants of school success focus on the quality of education. Conclusions suggest relevance improvement of public secondary schools, and address financing options for secondary education expansion.

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