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Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Enhancing Economic Opportunities for Rural Women - P171760 (Английский)

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Европа и Центральная Азия,

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    Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Enhancing Economic Opportunities for Rural Women - P171760

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    sustainable management; rural woman; chamber of commerce and industry; female labor force participation rates; project design and implementation; access to business network; community health and safety; Occupational health and safety; female head of household; Drivers of Economic Growth; rural area; female-headed household; million people; low income family; low income household; loss of income; Social Risk Rating; identification of woman; women with disability; environmental due diligence; barrier to woman; spread of disease; public sector job; income generating opportunity; barriers to entrepreneurship; labor market opportunities; barrier to participation; rural labor market; access to finance; code of conduct; adoption of ict; Civil Service Code; land based activities; categories of worker; local government institution; as financial; source income; source of income; alternative employment opportunity; needs of woman; community resource persons; network of woman; center for woman; acquisition of land; Oil & Gas; Oil and Gas; use of security; poultry farming; community outreach; skill development; contract worker; mitigation measure; low-income household; livelihood group; employment rate; civil works; national legislation; entrepreneurship support; small-scale livestock; domestic care; Job Creation; unemployment rate; investment planning; rural community; sexual harassment; Social Protection; community workers; dairy farming; stakeholder engagement; economic exclusion; labor management; fund activity; eligibility criterion; tourism services; food processing; secondary level; economic shock; environmental pollution; working-age women; high share; handicraft production; health hazard; human capital; new equipment; backyard farming; precautionary measure; land use; working condition; job loss; building material; social disturbance; rare birds; black stork; human population; small grants; finance activity; endangered species; safety issue; grant funds; business support; eligibility conditions; alpine meadows; citizen engagement; non-governmental organization; state fund; donor support; ict application; woman entrepreneur; enterprise growth; environmental risk; vulnerable situations; income shock; international ngos; social standard; central oversight; wild goose; Electric Power; flood; social infrastructure; adverse risks; government body; innovative design; administrative datum; involuntary resettlement; state policy; institutional stakeholders; secondary data; enterprise investment; vulnerable group; project rules; landlocked country; physical characteristic; poor household; land area; surface water; train service; community engagement; food industry; cotton growing; self-government body; large reservoir; institutional measure; participatory community; populous country; market knowledge; social assistance; market opportunity; executive committees; investment grant; general assessment; cultural norm; wealth quintile; low employment; community exposure; urban woman; paying job; noise limit; production area; national environmental; cotton sector; packaging waste; liquid waste; social exclusion; gender disparity; pollution impact; rural business; job market; Sexual Harrassment; pesticide management; environmental screening; forced labor; business resource; low mobility; Homebased Work; large-scale infrastructure; competitive market; construction activities; financial inclusion; export drive; income generation; long-term sustainability; job growth; economic model; emergency situation; road safety; productivity gain; safety training; work force; Gender Gap; Cultural Heritage; oecd countries; labor influx; agricultural activity; animal disease; Liberalizing economies; Waste Management; market-oriented reforms; community base; childcare services; primary beneficiaries; response measure; emergency preparedness; social sustainability; financing instrument; institutional framework; income fluctuation; domestic work; phone call

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