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Tanzania - Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project : BRT Phase 1 Corridor Development Strategy (Vol. 3) : Volume 3 - Benchmarking Transit Oriented Development (Английский)

This document focuses on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) development along the BRT Phase 1 Corridor, applying a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) approach to the redevelopment of Dar es Salaam. The concept of TOD has been hailed as a model for integrating land use with transportation in the interest of smart growth and economic enhancement. The government of Tanzania has invested substantial funds in the planning and construction of the BRT Phase 1 Corridor, but had not yet incorporated TOD principles to its planning and regeneration strategies and frameworks for the corridor planning area, which extends over more than five thousand hectares. To enhance cost recovery, contribution to economic gains and smart growth along the corridor, a TOD approach has been developed and tailored to this specific context to maximize the regenerative benefits from the intensified transport infrastructure being developed here. The document has been prepared at an appropriate time to provide a guiding tool for piloting potential investment projects along BRT Phase 1 Corridor, which can also be applied to all or any of the subsequent initiatives for new mass transit routes in the city.

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    Volume 3 - Benchmarking Transit Oriented Development

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