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Sierra Leone - Smallholder Commercialization and Agribusiness Development Project : Additional Financing : Environmental Assessment : Pest Management Plan (Английский)

The development objective of the Smallholder Commercialization and Agribusiness Development Project for Sierra Leone is to promote smallholder commercialization by fostering productive business linkages between smallholder farmers and selected agribusiness firms and other commodity off-takers in Sierra Leone. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: (1) apply appropriate farming techniques and recommended by the departments of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture; (2) establish empty container storage facilities and regulate their removal by manufacturers; (3) sensitize livestock farmers on watering at safe water points for intoxication of aquatic and terrestrial fauna; (4) respect the storage and storage conditions of pesticides to avoid intoxication poisoning, death, cholinesterase; and (5) apply integrated pest management methods (biological control, genetics, use of attractants, repellents, hormones, etc.) for terrestrial biodiversity loss.

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