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China - Yunnan Honghe Prefecture Diannan Center Urban Transport Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 2) : Environmental management plan (Английский)

The development objective of the Yunnan Honghe Prefecture Diannan Center Urban Transport Project for China is to improve the safety, accessibility, and efficiency of people's daily trips by optimizing functional road hierarchy, developing public transport, and establishing road safety measures through integrated corridor or area management in Mengzi and Jianshui. Negative impacts include: dust, solid waste, waste water, waste gas, noise, asphalt fume, garbage, and traffic. Mitigation measures include: (1) transporting the waste to the fangmaping muck appointed by urban construction department for piling; (2) watering the construction pavement to avoid dust generation; (3) covering the materials with tarpaulin in transportation process; and (4) transporting the household garbage to refuse landfill regularly by the sanitation department for secure landfill.

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