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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - India Comprehensive National Earthquake Risk Mitigation Project - P174830 (Английский)

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Южная Азия,

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - India Comprehensive National Earthquake Risk Mitigation Project - P174830

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan; Environmental and Social Review Summary; environment and social management; Occupational health and safety; capital expenditure in infrastructure; adverse impacts on biodiversity; sustainable management; finance activity; use of child labor; people with special need; health and safety risk; health and safety issue; cultural heritage management; national disaster management; Environmental and Social Safeguard; earthquake risk; asbestos-containing materials; adverse environmental impact; construction of building; social and environmental; Indigenous People Plan; appropriate risk assessment; Construction Building; water quality impact; movement of vehicle; safety and health; million people; billion people; grievance redress mechanism; case of health; resettlement action plan; hazardous waste management; damage to infrastructure; acquisition of land; critical natural habitats; disaster risk management; construction and operation; degree of variation; number of stakeholders; high traffic area; account of development; contamination of water; physical cultural resources; availability of information; increase in risk; civil works; Public Infrastructure; public building; social aspect; seismic safety; geographical area; seismic zones; construction waste; construction stage; built environment; project intervention; construction material; environmental risk; protected area; tribal population; construction work; seismic risk; seismic hazard; earthquake resistance; seismic retrofitting; seismic event; construction activities; first responders; water bodies; stakeholder engagement; stakeholder concern; aquatic life; safety aspect; land acquisition; ground subsidence; work practice; local population; pollution prevention; physical environment; mitigation plans; mitigation measure; Population Density; financial resource; Programmatic Approach; risk governance; business loss; business establishment; urban development; physical infrastructure; water user; land owner; education institute; schooling process; health care facilities; involuntary resettlement; debris disposal; land use; community safety; accident risk; vehicle movement; migrant labor; migrant labour; emergency response; private land; infrastructure design; rural area; construction practices; limited capacity; vulnerable buildings; Natural Resources; first year; monitoring plan; religious places; Public Utilities; land area; field work; general assessment; disaster losses; government land; environmental issue; ecological damage; construction period; environmental perspective; Equal Opportunity; vulnerable group; conventional form; forced labor; information dissemination; unplanned urbanization; demonstration effect; grievance mechanism; critical infrastructure; contract worker; consultancy service; Labor Law; community workers; migrant worker; skill set; extensive consultation; social standard; direct purchase; electrical safety; sanitation facility; physical characteristic; care facility; integrate resource; soil contamination; site visits; water efficiency; environmental footprint; home affairs; Public Services; disease outbreak; construction equipment; risk profile; precautionary measure; building construction; state ownership; social environment; education department; grid station; critical habitat; transport terminal; water utilities; environmental pressure; hill area; competent authority; corrective action; project risk; regulatory norms; state bank; management responsibility; project datum; sensitive issues; cultural asset; state agency; legal requirement; tangible asset; indirect impact; natural environment; baseline conditions; living resources; critical biodiversity; borrower's commitment; fire station; labor influx; project costing; affected population; data center; community center; food storage; environment risk; global pandemic; health department; financing instrument; biodiversity value; water utility

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