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Moldova - Third Structural Adjustment Credit Project (Английский)

The Third Structural Adjustment Credit Project for Moldova provides budgetary support to help the Government consolidate economic stabilization, bolster foreign reserves, and service external debt. The program focuses on structural reform in key areas--agriculture, energy, reducing barriers to new enterprise formation, and telecommunications and winery privatization. At the same time, the program engenders improvements in the public sector to help ensure that the benefits of the structural reforms are broadly received. This Credit supports reforms within two broad agendas to help ensure sustained growth in Moldiva over the medium term: 1) reforms to reduce poverty through improving monitoring and evaluation of poverty reduction measures, improvement of the education system and the efficiency of health care delivery, and strengthening social protection; and 2) reforms to improve the business environment through implementation of hard budget constraints and improvement of fiduciary management, maintaining liberal market policies in the agriculture sector and further development of land and credit markets, securing the financial viability of the power sector by completing change of ownership/management control of the power companies and assuring the independence of the energy regulator, reducing administrative barriers to business entry and exit, reforming the institutional framework and procedures governing privatization, and liberalization of the telecom and winery sectors.

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