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Lao, Democratic Republic of - Second Southern Provinces Rural Electrification (Phase 1) Project : environmental management plan (Vol. 23) : Subproject in Soukhouma District, Champasack Province (Английский)

This is an environmental management plan for the Second Southern Provincial Rural Electrification (Phase 1) Project, which builds transmission lines for rural electrification. It assesses potentially negative environmental impacts and proposes measures to mitigate them. Although major impacts are not expected, these are among the risks to be mitigated: Avoid unneeded tree cutting by clearly marking paths and trees to be cut. Reduce noise by doing construction during daytime only and securing the village approval before night scheduling. Routinely monitor health of workers and provide them with safety gear to minimize injury and illness. Install danger warning signs to protect communities. Avoid burning trees near the power lines. Prevent transformer leaks that may contaminate water courses by regular inspections and cleaning and disposing of any spilled insulating/cooling oils.

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