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Colombia - Water : A Strategic Asset for Economic Recovery in Colombia (Испанский)

Improving water security can avoid up to a 3 percent loss in gross domestic product (GDP) and foster the country’s economic recovery from the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) crisis. The Colombia’s World Bank water security diagnostic reveals that individuals who are exposed to adverse rainfall during gestation suffer poorer health, as do their mothers. Better management and more efficient use of water is needed to turn the tide on the current situation contribute to the recovery of the country, increase the country’s productive potential and help to develop Colombia’s human capital. Planning and implementation of multi-objective and multi-sectoral interventions will be key to increase the efficiency of public investments. Wastewater treatment is key to reduce negative health impacts and environmental degradation: increasing coverage and investing on expanding and improving efficiency is needed. Ecosystems provide crucial services to the population and water cycle improving water quality as well as regulating the water quantity.

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