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Zambia - Export Rehabilitation and Diversification Project (Английский)

The project would review and establish capacity and production levels of ZCCM which -- for the short-, medium- and long-term -- can be justified from an economic, financial and market point of view. It would assist ZCCM to adopt a management and investment strategy in line with such production and capacity targets. The project represents the first phase of ZCCM's 5-year rehabilitation and modernization program and consists of three major components: (a) replacement and rehabilitation of high-priority equipment and spares for existing mine and plant facilities; (b) training to upgrade the skills of technical and supervisory personnel; and (c) technical studies to rationalize ZCCM's operations. The Project would be implemented by ZCCM. The Project would increase the efficiency and profitability of the mining industry and support Zambia's strategy of economic diversification. It would also improve Zambia's balance of payments by supporting foreign exchange earnings through mineral exports and would provide additional revenues to the Government through mineral and other taxes.

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