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IDA at work : water resources - improving services for the poor (Английский)

The management of water resources dates back to the earliest civilizations. Yet the need for integrated management of those resources has never been more pronounced and the vulnerability of the poorest communities in the poorest countries never greater. Environmental integrity, water quality, efficient allocation across uses and users, adaptation to climatic variability and change, and appropriate infrastructure all converge as imperatives to managing this very basic resource. Cutting across a wide range of sectors, the potential impacts of good management are profound and broad, including protecting the environment, mitigating water-borne disease, producing clean energy, improving agricultural incomes, increasing water security, promoting regional cooperation, and avoiding resource conflicts. This booklet describes how the International Development Association (IDA), the concessional lending arm of the World Bank, has assisted the poorest countries in improving the management of their water resources. It also offers several examples of how countries have succeeded in implementing innovative water resources management (WRM) initiatives, resulting in tangible benefits across multiple sectors and at all levels.

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