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Политический диалог по модернизации сельского хозяйства в Узбекистане : Исследование интеграции рынка пшеницы и муки (Русский)

This Report analyzes integration of wheat, corn, and flour markets in Uzbekistan. It assesses the short-term and long-term interactions between market pairs to better understand the state of market efficiency. The report uses monthly retail prices in all regions of Uzbekistan from January 2014 to February 20205 from the World Bank database. Data on wheat and flour prices in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic, and Afghanistan are available in the FAO GIEWS database. Using this data and with a view to filling the knowledge gaps outlined above, the objective of this study is to evaluate the extent of spatial and temporal wheat and flour market integration in Uzbekistan, both domestically and in relation to relevant regional markets. The report presents the results of eight specific tasks. the analysis starts with an assessment of integration of wheat markets and its comparison with integration of maize markets. It is followed by the assessment of integration of flour markets, and wheat and flour prices in Uzbekistan. Examples from other countries provide a reference point for wheat and flour market integration in Uzbekistan. After that, there is an assessment of relationship between prices in Uzbekistan and in the neighboring countries. The final task investigates whether changes in Uzbekistan’s currency policy in September 2017 influenced any of the above-mentioned dimensions of market integration.

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    Zorya,Sergiy, Von Cramon-Taubadel,Stephan, Mu, Yali, Barrantes, Carlos

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    Рабочие документы

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    Европа и Центральная Азия,

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    Policy Dialogue on Agriculture Modernization in Uzbekistan : Study of Wheat and Flour Market Integration

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