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Kiribati - Road Rehabilitation Project : additional financing : environmental assessment : Environmental management plan : main report (Английский)

The objective of the Additional Financing for the Road Rehabilitation Project is to improve the condition of South Tarawa's main road network and help strengthen road financing and maintenance capacity. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: ensure construction personnel are aware of locations of sensitive areas and avoid them; where the proposed construction accesses pass close to environmentally sensitive areas, include temporary fences or other markers, to restrict machines and activities from encroaching in the area; schedule construction to minimize areas of soil disturbance during wet seasons; limit ground disturbance to areas that are small enough for erosion and sediment generation to be managed; avoid discharging sediment bearing contaminated water to the sea or lagoon; minimizing the period that excavated areas are left unprotected; and ensuring that all plant used is in sound and well maintained condition, and free of any leaks of any fluid at all times.

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