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Sudan - Decentralized Health System Development Project : restructuring : Main report (Английский)

The objective of the Decentralized Health System Development Project for Sudan is to improve access to basic health services by conflict-affected and underserved populations in four target states while establishing the basis for reform, sustainable financing, and development of the decentralized health system. An additional financing and restructuring paper was submitted and approved and the respective amendment to the Grant Agreement was signed on November 16, 2009, extending the project closing date to June 31, 2011. The project was further extended to June 30, 2012 to allow for completion of the remaining activities. The project targets four Northern states, and data from health management information systems as well as other sources show that targets for all of the five project development objective (PDO) indicators have been achieved or are very likely to be achieved, namely: (i) outpatient consultations per person per year in target health facilities: the project has achieved its end of project target of 0.30, progressing from 0.26 for 2010 to 0.31 for 2011; (ii) proportion of pregnant women who have attended at least one antenatal care consultation in target areas: from a baseline of 48 percent, the project has progressed to 59 percent for 2011; (iii) proportion of (total) births attended by skilled health staff, including village midwives, in target areas: the project has achieved its end of project target of 30 percent, progressing from a baseline of 19 percent to 42 percent for 2011; (iv) number of primary health care workers trained, including village midwives: the revised end of project target of 1,000 primary health care workers trained has been largely exceeded; at the end of 2011, 1,717 workers had been trained; and (v) proportion of households possessing at least one insecticide treated bednet: the end of project target for the distribution of 179,000 bednets was fully achieved during the initial project; based on an estimate of the target population in the four states of 2.67 million and an average household size of 6, the end of project target of 42 percent of the targeted households were achieved.

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