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Nigeria - Electricity and Gas Improvement Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 2) : Environmental and social management plan for the rehabilitation/reinforcement of Sagamu (Ogun state), Awka (Anambra state), Yandev (Benue state), and Gasau (Zamfara state) 132/33kV transmission sub-stations (Английский)

The development objectives of the Electricity and Gas Improvement Project for Nigeria are to: (i) improve the availability and reliability of gas supply to increase power generation in existing public sector power plants; and (ii) improve the power network’s capacity and efficiency to transmit and distribute quality electricity to the consumers. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: (1) identify and confirm suitable sites for the construction camps, if any, and storage areas for materials; (2) identify disposal sites for construction waste approved by the local authority; (3) identify the excavation depth and width according to the drawing design; (4) implement preventive maintenance program for vehicles and equipment working on site and promptly repair vehicles with visible exhaust fume; (5) provide ear muffs to construction workers usually located near noisy machines; (6) the contractor should make health and safety facilities available in the project site; and (7) prevent storage of construction materials, equipment, and machineries on traffic lanes.

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