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Nepal - India Electricity Transmission and Trade Project : Resettlement Action Plan (Непальский)

The development objective of India Electricity Transmission and Trade Project for Nepal are to: (a) establish cross-border transmission capacity between India and Nepal of about 1000 MW to facilitate electricity trade between the two countries; and, (b) increase the supply of electricity in Nepal by the sustainable import of at least 100 MW. Some of the negative impacts include: (i) loss of residential structures; (ii) loss of other private structures; (iii) loss of residential structure; (iv) loss of residential and other private structures; (v) loss of private land; (vi) loss of access to private land; (vii) temporary loss of private land; (viii) loss of nonperennial crop; (ix) community building and structure; (x) displacement of household; and (xi) land use restriction. Some of the mitigation measures include: (i) compensation for the land occupied by the structure;(ii) cash compensation for full or partial loss at replacement cost, according to structure type; (iii) in case of loss of residential structure, if necessary, house rent allowance for six months will be provided; (iv) house rent allowance will be determined by the committee headed by the Chief District Officer; (v) cash compensation will be provided by cheque; (vi) notice to vacate will be served at least 35 days prior to acquisition; (vii) compensation for crop, land productivity and other property losses for the duration of temporary occupation; (viii) advance notice for harvesting the crop; (ix) restoration of affected community structures to at least previous condition, or replacement in areas identified in consultation with affected communities; (x) housing displacement allowance for loss of own residential accommodation; and (xi) Identify the affected land parcel based upon the cadastral map provided by the convened survey office.

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