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Revised Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) Republic of Trinidad and Tobago: COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE PROJECT (P173989) (Английский)

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    Borrowing Agency

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  • Тип документа

    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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  • Страна

    Тринидад и Тобаго,

  • Регион

    Латинская Америка и страны Карибского бассейна,

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  • Название документа

    Revised Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) Republic of Trinidad and Tobago: COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE PROJECT (P173989)

  • Ключевые слова

    Environmental and Social Management Framework; Environmental and Social Management Plan; public address system; stakeholder engagement; Training of Medical Staff; project design and implementation; medical equipment and supplies; Environmental and Social Performance; Grievance Redress Service; gender based violence; vulnerable group; grievance redress mechanism; treatment of patient; equipment and supply; personal protective equipment; community base; person with disability; quality of care; Health Care Delivery; health service provision; health care system; national regulatory authority; national immunization; flow of information; Gender-Based Violence; provision of laboratory; necessary corrective action; civil society group; focus group meeting; public health regulation; public information disclosure; public communication campaign; safe working conditions; procurement of vaccine; women headed household; social commitment; frequently asked question; health care service; awareness raising activity; public education campaign; indirect economic cost; assisted living facility; senior citizen; information and communication; climate change adaptation; treatment and care; channels of communication; clinical practice guidelines; global supply chain; working day; social media; emergency response; public consultation; stakeholder identification; medical supply; consultation method; grievance mechanism; stakeholder need; vulnerable individual; informed participation; vaccination process; medical waste; risk communication; medical facility; security forces; pregnant woman; medical condition; complaints handling; public engagement; mass media; cultural sensitivities; vulnerable population; communication strategy; government units; social distance; ethnic group; anonymous complaints; best practice; community engagement; vaccination program; Infectious Disease; laboratory equipment; management function; non-governmental organization; disease spread; mitigation measure; government's capacity; gender issue; stakeholder consultation; confirmed case; health facility; healthcare worker; Natural Resources; global pandemic; Mental disabilities; interested stakeholders; consultation process; transparent manner; healthcare professional; monitoring mechanism; detention centre; waste collection; online form; business entity; individual entrepreneur; disease detection; elderly person; health care facilities; cultural aspects; telephone call; punitive measure; eligible population; social value; immune system; scientific evidence; physical distance; reporting procedure; vaccination information; displaced person; health issue; citizen feedback; equal representation; community level; social origin; awareness campaign; cultural beliefs; asylum seeker; citizen engagement; feedback mechanism; underage child; public meeting; language barrier; minority group; equitable access; online channels; no access; detention facility; telephone line; information dissemination; online platform; Mobile Apps; community group; laboratory supplies; official correspondence; smaller group; broadcasting media; broader community; Social Protection; vaccine availability; interest group; affected communities; results framework; protective action; project impact; health condition; financial insecurity; response time; Mental health; homeless person; social group; community workers; local population; safe use; safe operation; hospital waste; annual budget; Health Workers; public awareness; budget requirement; dynamic environment; essential services; psychological impact; engagement strategies; crisis prevention; living condition; sanitation worker; stakeholder participation; judicial proceeding; vaccination campaign; safe disposal; health status; social framework; clinical care; education material; intended destination; case management; scientific data; public figures; health centre; test kit; military personnel; community representative; consultation activity; case detection

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