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Malawi - AFRICA EAST- P172627- Skills for A Vibrant Economy Project - Procurement Plan (Английский)

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    Ellin Rambiki

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    План закупок

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    Malawi - AFRICA EAST- P172627- Skills for A Vibrant Economy Project - Procurement Plan

  • Ключевые слова

    international development agency; stated period of time; Technical and Vocational Education; international financial institution; national procurement; multilateral development bank; market approach; award of contract; evaluation of bid; records and information; Standard Bidding Documents; public procurement regulation; breach of contract; Revised Plan Date; labor market information; temporary suspension; contract completion; competitive procurement; prior review; electronic format; hard copy; credit contract; communications channel; corporate procurement; skill need; safeguard specialist; tertiary institution; existing contract; sensitization meetings; sanction policy; leased assets; Obstructive Practice; domestic preference; policy regard; labour ministry; technical proposal; safeguard study; sales service; public university; communication support; education science; procurement transaction; procurement activities; national market; high sea; procurement procedure; local content; procurement process; Gender-Based Violence; contract execution; consultancy service; qualification requirement; operational skills; Technology Transfer; environmental aspect; physical inspection; site visits; communications platform

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