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Africa - CDC Regional Investment Financing Program Project : Environmental Assessment (Vol. 2) : Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (Английский)

The development objective of the Centre for Diseases Prevention and Control (CDC) Regional Investment Financing Program Project for Africa is to strengthen the Africa CDC’s regional disease detection and response systems and link them together into an effective network of networks. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: (1) soil erosion prevention measures will be in place during the construction phase to minimize erosion from storm water; (2) the wastes will be properly segregated and separated to encourage recycling of some useful waste materials; (3) training on incidences handling and prevention will be provided to workers; (4) specialized refrigerators will be used when storing chemicals that have explosion potential; (5) ensure that vehicles are regularly maintained to minimize potentially serious accidents such as those caused by brake failure commonly associated with loaded construction trucks; (6) to minimize indoor dust, portable extraction systems are recommended but they may not be available among local contractors, or lack of electricity on site might limit their use; (7) all heavy duty immovable equipment will be fitted with mufflers or placed in enclosures to minimize disrupting ambient noise levels; (8) the floor drain in the incinerator room will be covered with a temporary seal during the decommissioning and demolition works; and (9) appropriately equipped first-aid stations will be easily accessible throughout the place of work, and eye-wash stations and or emergency showers will be provided close to all workstations where the recommended first-aid response is immediate flushing with water.

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