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Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA) Railway Improvement and Safety for Egypt (P175137) (Английский)

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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Assessment,Environmental and Social Management Framework

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  • Страна

    Арабская Республика Египет,

  • Регион

    Ближний Восток и Северная Африка,

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  • Название документа

    Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA) Railway Improvement and Safety for Egypt (P175137)

  • Ключевые слова

    institute of electrical and electronics engineers; Environmental and Social Management Plan; legal and regulatory framework; central traffic control; Environmental and Social Management Framework; groundwater contamination; construction site; monitoring frequency; source income; electric and magnetic field; code of conduct; health and safety risk; water and wastewater; gender based violence; occupational safety and health; Air Quality Management; stakeholder engagement; number of complaints; adequate mitigation; construction cost; construction and operation; number of workers; analysis of alternatives; personal protective equipment; mitigation measure; Gender-Based Violence; safety data sheets; first aid kit; hazardous waste landfill; railway line; public consultation; Solid Waste Management; local area; traffic management plan; implementation of mitigation; private sector management; awareness raising activity; capacity building need; quality assurance program; natural disaster risk; air quality measurement; disposal of waste; hazardous waste generation; final disposal site; quantity of waste; community base; people with disability; safety management; human resource development; international legal framework; point of entry; security management; labor management; law enforcement authority; loss of income; air conditioning system; means of transportation; construction phase; Cultural Heritage; gap analysis; railway network; diesel exhaust; construction work; child labor; operational efficiency; community performance; safe asset; personal safety; land acquisition; train station; track safety; train control; vehicle monitoring; health records; national railway; Occupational Injuries; construction activities; occupational injury; site visits; grievance mechanism; environmental law; sexual harassment; safe disposal; incident reports; Green Zone; civil works; social aspect; building material; rail lines; Land Ownership; truck load; consultation activity; employment contract; visual inspection; positive impact; worker right; dump site; agricultural land; noise level; trained worker; power tools; exposure time; adequate signage; construction schedule; rest period; life insurance; safety plan; hot weather; exhaust gas; exhaust fume; preventive maintenance; unpaved road; speed limit; construction material; work permit; flammable material; dust level; gaseous emission; field survey; disaster plan; emergency procedure; monitoring process; Medical Insurance; monitoring responsibility; operational design; cultural value; ambient air; in work; safety program; waste collection; valid contract; chemical emergency; response activity; lubricating oil; safety zone; responsible person; waste volume; waste transportation; international standard; traffic disruption; waste storage; confirmed exposure; construction waste; occupational exposure; water cooling; black smoke; outer surface; safe access; railway track; main contractor; special provision; rental value; Traffic Signals; construction time; road crossing; road asset; truck route; infected person; temporary worker; precautionary measure; permanent loss; agricultural loss; quarantine procedure; corrective measure; remedial action; restoration plan; historical site; special care; appropriate compensation; IS Building; archaeological site; surrounding community; local population; raise awareness; internal monitoring; labor influx; record performance; community group; site monitoring; daily attendance; equal quality; truck volume; local contractor; security personnel; risk control; public health; insurance policy; Infectious Disease; insurance scheme; adequate clearance; fresh air; unauthorized access; social insurance; weather condition; air brake; new material; noise cancellation; wash facility; emergency facilities; access route; beneficiary feedback; access road; stakeholder sessions; asset loss; authorized personnel; alarm system; electronic equipment; rail station; electrical installation

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