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Pakistan - Third On-Farm Water Management Project (Английский)

The outcome of the Third On-Farm Water Management Project for Pakistan was satisfactory. The project achieved most of its major objectives, institutional development was partially achieved, sustainability is likely, and the performance of both the Bank and Borrower was satisfactory. Several lessons can be learned from this project. First, the irrigation agronomy program should be improved by establishing a better linkage with provincial AEDs which, if needed, could be strengthened with subject matter specialists in efficient water use. Second, external and internal monitoring programs should be strengthened. Third, farmer participation in irrigation management should be strengthened by establishing farmer's organizations at the distributary/minor level and transferring responsibility to them for the distribution of water to their members, collection of water charges, and maintenance. Fourth, assessment of farmers' financial capacity to meet the costs of watercourse improvements should be undertaken prior to introducing further increases in the upfront recovery. Finally, farmer training should be emphasized and the costs should be funded from the credit.

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