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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Uzbekistan Resilient Landscapes Restoration Project - P174135 (Английский)

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Европа и Центральная Азия,

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Uzbekistan Resilient Landscapes Restoration Project - P174135

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    Environmental and Social Risk Rating; Environmental and Social Review Summary; Land and Natural Resources Management; degradation of critical natural habitats; sustainable use of biodiversity; environmental and social management; legal and regulatory framework; cost of land degradation; impact of climate variability; community health and safety; Occupational health and safety; sustainable management; finance activity; Environmental and Social Performance; Natural Resource Management; land use plan; food production system; landscape restoration; loss of vegetation; project preparation grant; extreme weather event; limited capacity; river basin organization; national government agency; categories of worker; assessment of risk; use of pesticide; resilient landscape; integrated landscape planning; Sexually Transmitted Disease; state forest enterprise; stable economic growth; rural labor market; risk of poverty; Civil Service Employment; public sector employment; code of conduct; national environmental law; biodiversity management plans; decline in poverty; land and water; land use practice; protected area; Pasture Management; pilot activities; environmental risk; stakeholder engagement; civil works; mitigation measure; rehabilitation activities; vulnerable group; Landscape Management; rural area; natural regeneration; community workers; native species; labor influx; rural community; environmental benefit; degraded lands; affected communities; water control; Cultural Heritage; local disturbance; natural organisms; soil loss; financial intermediaries; risk category; environmental screening; monitoring procedure; community group; institutional analysis; special provision; environmental issue; guiding principles; forest land; public consultation; general assessment; environmental specialist; assessment tool; sexual harassment; water pollution; forest product; stakeholder interest; social exclusion; local resident; stakeholder involvement; necessary support; road safety; dust level; safety awareness; access restrictions; emergency preparedness; response plan; land acquisition; involuntary resettlement; project construction; borrower's commitment; project operation; forest fund; selection criterion; spatial planning; local biodiversity; possible loss; ecosystem service; heritage buildings; archaeological site; management procedure; fire management; stakeholder analysis; stakeholder identification; grievance mechanism; village communities; private farmer; livestock producer; research institutions; diverse stakeholder; Carbon sequestration; contract worker; child labor; best practice; labor requirement; procurement documents; working condition; safety training; soil erosion; sustainable operation; social screening; community participation; environmental service; natural forest; medicinal herb; agricultural productivity; productive asset; vocational skill; academic institution; land area; national economy; rural livelihood; livelihood opportunity; global commitment; wood production; pasture productivity; desertification processes; natural park; degraded pasture; biosphere reserve; decentralize forest; desert area; landlocked country; arid conditions; anthropogenic pressure; physical characteristic; Social Assessment; forestry management; Forest Development; national strategic; commercial agriculture; regional collaboration; Programmatic Approach; management cost; recent years; large population; internal capacity; official poverty; rural population; low education; ecotourism development; unemployment rate; development partner

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