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Ghana and the World Bank 2002 : a partnership for progress (Английский)

This is the second edition of 'Ghana and the World Bank' that I have had the pleasure of overseeing. Again, this is timed to coincide with the holding of the Consultative Group for Ghana meeting in Accra. Of more significance, it is the first such publication since the new Government took office in January 200 I. There was a very smooth transition both for the change of government itself and with respect to the World Bank, and a very strong relationship has quickly developed with the new government. In particular, new government faced up to a very challenging situation, and by the way it has strongly committed itself to good governance. Further, a very strong feature has been the development of the Ghana poverty reduction strategy as the foundation both for government action and for support from development partners. The transition that Ghana has gone through generates a pause for reflection. The last 20 years have seen undoubted progress in Ghana, and yet this progress is so much less than it could have been and has left too many people mired in poverty.

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