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Utility reform and environmental clean-up in formerly socialist countries : report of a workshop on the Baltic Sea (Английский)

The overall objective of the newly created utilities partnership is to improve human well-being and the environment by improving the performance of urban water and sanitation utilities. Utilities partnership reports number one covers an international meeting held in Brussels at which the strategy for the partnership was defined. Report number two provides details of an international workshop convened at the request of the Government of Peru, with a specific focus on experiences with private sector participation in the provision of urban water and sanitation services, and the implications for utility reform in Uma, Peru. This issue reports on an international workshop on utility reform in the formerly socialist countries bordering the Baltic Sea. The focus of the workshop was on the twin challenges facing water utilities in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland: becoming modem, efficient, self-financed enterprises providing good services at reasonable costs to consumers; and becoming major contributors to the clean-up of the Baltic Sea.

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