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Turkey - Irrigation Modernization Project : Environmental Assessment (Vol. 3) : Cevresel ve sosyal yonetim plani (Турецкий)

The development objective of the Irrigation Modernization Project for Turkey is to improve irrigation delivery, through rehabilitation and modernization of distribution infrastructure in selected schemes, and through strengthening of capacity of water user association (WUAs). Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: (i) dust-particulate matter (dust to originate from the movement and exhaust gas of construction machinery); (ii) noise; (iii) wastewaters originating from campsites; (iv) surface waters; (v) excavation, solid and hazardous wastes originating from the construction sites; (vi) public and traffic safety; (vii) cultural and historical assets; and (viii) health and safety. Some of the mitigation measures include: (i) to the extent possible, work camps should not be located in close proximity to local communities; (ii) measures will be taken to ensure minimum waste generation; (iii) necessary measures will be taken to prevent silt flow and similar impacts on from the storage areas to surface waters; (iv) all excavation works will be carried out in a controlled manner during rainy seasons; (v) construction activities will be carried out between 7.00 AM and 7.00 PM to the extent possible; (vi) all the vehicles to be used must have exhaust emission permits; (vii) all surface water resources within the project area will be protected from project-sourced wastes and activities and pollutants such as excavation materials to be temporarily or permanently stored; (viii) warning plates will be placed along the excavation route to ensure safety of people, and entrance to the construction site will be blocked using plastic stripes, barriers and luminous warning lights; and (ix) in case of a chance-find, all activities that may damage the archaeological find will be stopped and the related Museum Directorate will be contacted immediately.

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    Cevresel ve sosyal yonetim plani

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    Non-Disclosure Agreement

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