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Concept Program Information Document (PID) - St Lucia COVID 19 Response, Recovery and Resilience Development Policy Credit - P174346 (Английский)

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    Информационный документ по программе

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    Латинская Америка и страны Карибского бассейна,

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  • Название документа

    Concept Program Information Document (PID) - St Lucia COVID 19 Response, Recovery and Resilience Development Policy Credit - P174346

  • Ключевые слова

    natural disaster; business continuity; Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise; poverty and social impact; social protection system; resilience to climate change; fishery sector; extreme weather event; access to finance; climate-related risks; financial resilience; vulnerable household; positive impact; poverty headcount index; dropout from school; loss of job; climate change resilience; flow of resource; natural disaster shocks; private sector competitiveness; number of beneficiaries; public sector modernization; policy and institution; governance and institutions; Public Financial Management; department of finance; trade development; prudent fiscal policy; Public Debt Management; proportion of female; income support; Natural Resources; result indicator; business environment; short term impact; vulnerable communities; informal sector; unemployment insurance; vulnerable group; short-term impact; relief measure; increasing share; poor community; support measure; social shocks; environmental risk; limited coverage; social system; Fiscal Sustainability; insurance mechanism; Macroeconomic Stability; government's strategy; Fiscal Reform; indirect impact; in school; Informal Jobs; debt sustainability; poor household; school attendance; fiscal imbalance; health threat; targeting mechanism; movable properties; liquidity support; female workers; target beneficiary; import duty; investment program; macroeconomic framework; financing need; resilient recovery; fiscal space; emergency financing; digital system; lost jobs; open economy; external shock; tourism; macroeconomic instability; program leader; government intervention; financing instrument; project datum; climatic events; job loss; budget support; Blue Economy; short-term liquidity; mitigation measure; inclusive growth; market liquidity; medium-term expenditure; fiscal aspects; essential services; government effort; regional debt; macro stability; fiscal rule; rising debt; downside risk

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